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for Firefox is a web tracker that can see which locales are endeavoring to see where you are tailing you leave their website. Essentially tap the blue image and pick which trackers found are allowed to see your web works out.

This additional is available on an extensive variety of web programs, iOS and Android organizes as well. Ghostery for Chrome is a helpful program add-on expected to outfit you with bits of knowledge about the trackers embedded in the destinations that you are visiting. You can use it to find which associations are recording your inclinations and square certain trackers.

Everyone is stress over insurance and security on the web, and electronic after is an issue that has focused on web net customers for quite a while. Treats are used by destinations and backers to build up a profile of your online activity, and there is every now and again zero chance to get of knowing precisely how this information will be used.

Ghostery for Firefox Key Features:

  • Squares 1,900 trackers that watch your web works out
  • Pick if you wish to see which trackers are on different goals
  • See what number of trackers are on page
  • Multi-organize web program add on
  • Distinctive Features
  • Guarantee your security
  • Ghostery allows you to view and square trackers on locales you examine to control who accumulates your data.
  • Overhauled Anti Tracking also anonymizes your data to moreover guarantee your security.

Scrutinize speedier

  1. Ghostery’s Smart Blocking feature quickens page stacks and overhauls page execution by means of normally blocking and unblocking trackers to meet page quality criteria.
  2. Change your introduction
  3. Ghostery offers various introductions and bits of information dashboards so you can see the information that is essential to you.
  4. Endeavor Ghostery Rewards
  5. Ghostery Rewards is an optional, private-by-plan incorporate that passes on you high-regard offers as you examine and make purchases on the web.
  6. Prizes can be seen, managed, and turned on or off at whatever point inside the Ghostery extension.
  7. What’s new in Ghostery 8?
  8. Redesigned Antitracking
  9. Redesigned Adblocking
  10. Sharp Blocking
  11. Enhanced Setup
  12. Essential View
  13. New Default Settings
  14. Expanded Detail View

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