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Intel Processor Diagnostic Tool is an easy to-utilize program with a name that practically clarifies its usefulness – it is fit for playing out a few benchmarks on your PC, to test the highlights of your Intel processor.

Upon introduction Intel Processor Diagnostic Tool naturally begins the filtering method. Amid this time it is exceptionally prescribed you stop your standard movement on the workstation, with a specific end goal to keep any undesirable mistakes and report glitches.

The came about page demonstrates a lot of data identified with the Intel processor, for example, the test begin and end time, temperature test, recognized brand string, CPU recurrence, base clock, drifting point test, reserve size, MMX and SSE capacities check, memory size and USB gadgets.

Intel Processor Diagnostic Tool Free Download

Every one of these points of interest are consequently recorded to a plain content archive (TXT design), thus you can print it for promote assessment, or make a HTML answer to keep the records in the PC and contrast them and future benchmark comes about.

Intel Processor Diagnostic Tool is light on the framework assets, so it doesn’t trouble the general execution. It might require a significant stretch of time to do an output work, contingent upon the highlights of your workstation. Be that as it may, no mistake exchanges have been appeared in our tests, and the application did not hang or crash. Taking everything into account, Intel Processor Diagnostic Tool conveys a fast arrangement with regards to running tests on your Intel processor.

Features of Intel Processor Identification Utility

• The application itself is definitely not hard to use as is included a fundamental essential window with a chose structure. Each tab offers you information about the CPU repeat, the advances it uses and outfits you with CPUID data.

• Intel Processor Identification Utility lights up you on both nitty gritty and expected characteristics for CPU repeat where the uncovered regard implies the directly working pace and the typical regard points out the testing rate of the maker.

• Using this utility you in like manner get the chance to find what progresses are merged into your processor. Intel Processor Identification Utility introductions whether your Intel part uses ‘Virtualization’ and ‘Hyper-Threading’ progressions, and moreover in case it has a 64 bit building. It can tell you whether your processor reinforces ‘SpeedStep(R)’, ‘SSE’ and ‘Pushed Vector Extensions’.

• CPUID data is given and accomplishes additional purposes of intrigue the CPU create, family, appear, wandering and revision. You moreover get information about the save sizes, chipset ID and system outlines.

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