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TSR Watermark Image writing computer programs is a program can add automated watermarks to each one of your photos, photos and pictures with the straightforwardness you pick. Guarantee your photos, photos and pictures with watermarks – Secure, snappy and full featured watermarking of photos. The program can moreover resize the photos beforehand the electronic watermark is incorporated. If you have to watermark your photos, you can use either message or another photograph as the wellspring of the watermark. In case you have to add the watermark to the establishment, you can set the logo or the substance to be practically direct, and put it wherever you require the watermark to be on the photo. You can even use this program as opposed to photoshop to watermark your photos, this is a snappier and all the more basic strategy for getting a watermark on the sum of your photos. Moreover use the watermarked picture in Word, Excel or pictures used as a piece of pdf records can be made with this watermarking programming.


Features of TSR Watermark Image Portable

  • Incorporate substance watermark that is either normal, adorned, carved or watermarked with a periphery.
  • Thus rotate the watermarked picture in perspective of the presentation EXIF tag – this is created to the photo by various propelled cameras.
  • Keep or drop EXIF information in jpeg records (Camera illustrate/lense show/et cetera et cetera.)
  • Yield the watermarked photo to JPEG, TIFF, PNG, BMP, GIF report sort out.
  • Decide the idea of the watermarking yield while saving as jpeg pictures
  • Point the substance you use for your photo watermarking
  • Insert establishment watermark in mechanized pictures, pictures, photos
  • Resize pictures while watermarking the photo/photo
  • Watermark your photos using either another photo, photo or picture
  • Watermark your photos using your own specific substance in the shading and style you have to.
  • Keep up registry structure in objective list or join all gathering watermarked pictures into one list
  • Skip or overwrite existing watermarked pictures/photos in objective record
  • Request line other option to normally stack a profile and bunch watermark all photos.
  • Thusly check for new type of the TSR Watermark Image Software

TSR Watermark is available in various lingos, at the present time deciphered vernaculars is Lithuanian, Turkish, Swedish, Armenian, Slovak, English, German, Italian, Vietnamese, Japanese, Hungarian, Czech, Spanish, Finnish, French, Hebrew, Romanian, Serbian, Dutch, Portuguese

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