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Home Wifi Alert

Home Wifi Alert- Wifi Analyzer has been called one of the most awesome wifi analyzers/network analyzers on Google Play. Meticulously guard your WiFi and maximize your connection pace with the extensive fashion of community utilities and equipment. This app is a have-to-have for a big kind of clients from beginners to IT professional and skilled community administrators.Home Wifi Alert

How does it work?

✓ With one faucet it rapid scans your property network and identifies all the harassed and wi-fi gadgets which can be the usage of the net connection.

✓ After the test you’ll be capable of see each person that’s related on your Wifi in a smooth, concise list and right away find out if any undesirable devices are connected in. Create your very own relied on community with this app by building a trusted listing of gadgets that are welcomed on the community.

✓ The app additionally displays technical records for each tool together with the IP address, host call, MAC deal with, and producer name. All of this statistics is to be had to you for gadgets which can be currently connected to your community. If you spot an unwanted patron you could press the BLOCK button to enter the mac cope with in your mac filtering table on your router to stop their internet usage.

✓ The app also displays your get right of entry to element, and channel your router is running on and indicates how many friends are on the same channel. On the channel rating page, it’s going to rate which channel may be your nice choice to bypass to get exceptional outcomes and faster net velocity.


• Network Analyzer:
– Displays IP addresses, MAC addresses, display names, get right of entry to issue you’re related to, and allows you to customize pics/icons and edit show names.

• Wifi Strength:
-Wifi tester that indicates Wifi signal electricity! Also, indicates you if you are related on your internet and indicates your routers public IP.

• Access Point Scan:
-Displays all router Access Points in variety to you, what their MAC address are, channel they’re using, and their db sign power.

• Access Point Graphs:
-Displays the present day channel your router is operating on and shows how many buddies are on the identical channel. On the channel rating web page, it’ll price which channel can be your pleasant option to set your WiFi to for pace and reliability.

• Connections:
-Displays ALL connections which can be presently related thru your device. It shows set up distant places connections, listening IP, and closed connections. Each mounted IP is checked in competition to 35 Backlisted databases to and displays if the IP’s are depended on or appeared threats!

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